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Video Documentaries

Fragments-Conversations with Branislaw Bak, 1967, 15:30

A Visit with John Hines, 2004 10:00

Louise Armstrong,-portraits from the Past, 2005, 14:00 no preview

The Life and Times of Jean de Paul, 2005,48:47

I gather as much-The Art of Robert Warner, 2006, 59:30

Sparkjuice-What gets you out of your Chair, 2007, 28:00

Process: Jack Brogan, 2008, 80:00

Nicola Wood, Cars & Beauty, in production

A visit with Tim Krehbiel-restoring Woodies, 2011, 27:20

All About Ralph, 2011, 44:00 no preview

Davis Cone- Beyond the Singular Moment, in production